Zephyr Humidaire 


The Zephyr is a Humidaire hybrid with selector switch controls similar to the Static Zapper and the HU-80 frame of the more powerful Sahara Lite. This feature-mix creates a unit that’s powerful and user-friendly for the novice operator. The HU-80 frame allows the unit to be upgraded to a Sahara Lite as the gin’s needs for powerful moist air output and sophisticated controls grow. 

Key Features of the Zephyr:

• The Zephyr uses an oil-fired commercial grade burner that burns either kerosene or diesel. 

• The burner can change from high fire to low fire with the flip of a switch. 

• Moist air output is adjusted with the water valve that’s located on the back side of the unit. 

• With the selector switch interface, operators will have little trouble learning how to make changes based on climate and condition of the cotton.