used sam jackson 1208 heater

offered via Dutch Auction Style Pricing


Due to the rare supply of used Sam Jackson heaters, we are offering this heater for sale with Dutch auction style pricing. The price is dropped each business day until the heater is purchased. Details on how the sale works can be found below. Contact Neil Turner at 214-695-0158 or at with questions.

Today's price: SOLD!

(Price drops each business day. Original listing price on May 31st was $36,000)

Remember that screen supports, push fan kits, control transformers (non- U.S. installations), and/or conversion to a 4-million BTU/hr setup are not included with this price. You select which of these options you need at the prices listed below.


heater control cabinet

This heater is a model HG-8-1208. The full manual can be found here. The manual has dimensions, installation instructions and operating instructions. 

Uses natural gas or propane. Voltage is 120 VAC/60 Hz. Other voltages for non-U.S. countries are possible with an added control transformer (additional charge).

The cabinet will be test fired at our factory to ensure that everything is in working order when it ships. A 30-day parts warranty (no labor ) is included.

The current estimate on availability after purchase is two-weeks from receipt of order. This will allow time for the heater to be tested and packaged. No paint reconditioning or cosmetic repairs are included.



heater body

The heater being sold is nominally sized at 8-million BTU/hr. It can be converted  to a 4-million BTU/hr heater for an additional charge of $2,965. Conversion includes changes to the control system, gas train and substitution of the above heater body for a the 4-million BTU/hr body.

For pull-through installations, the following screen supports are available at additional cost.

  • Used 8-million screen support: $1900
  • Used 4-million screen support: $1500

For push-pull installations, the following push fan kit is available at additional cost.

  • Push fan kit for 8-million: $660
  • Push fan kit for 4-million: $320

control panel

The PLC in this heater is still being manufactured and replacement parts are readily available from our current inventory. A recovery kit will be included that allows you to restore the PLC program if needed.

All other control and gas-train components have original replacement parts or parts that can be substituted with minor modifications. No warranties or promises are made on future availability of parts manufactured by others.

NOTE ON TEMPERATURE CONTROLS: The heater will come with UDC temperature controls. They will be capable of accepting a 4-20 mA signal from a Moisture Mirror to set a temperature  automatically. 

This heater does not have advanced Mirror capabilities such as starting/stopping from the Mirror, seeing errors displayed on the Mirror, or Shed functionality.

Subject:          Used Sam Jackson Heater Available – Dutch Auction Style Pricing

Date:               May 31, 2017

From:              Neil Turner

If you have been looking for a good used heater for a while, you know how limited the supply has been. We now have a used 8-million BTU/hr Sam Jackson heater available (details below).

Whether you have a heater with the obsolete Omron PLC or have been waiting on a used Sam Jackson heater for other reasons, you are not alone. We have a number of customers who have asked us to let them know when we get used heater available.

To give all of our customers’ fair access to this heater, we are offering it with Dutch auction style pricing.

How the Sale Will Work

  1. Pictures and details of the heater will be listed at:
  2. The asking price will be prominently displayed on that webpage.
  3. Each business day, the price of the heater will be reduced until it has been sold.
  4. The winning buyer is the first person to e-mail agreeing to purchase the heater at the current asking price.
  5. The winning buyer will have 24 hours to submit a signed quote and arrange for deposit. Full balance will be required before the heater is picked up.
  6. If the winning buyer fails to qualify their agreement as explained in step 5, the unit may be relisted and the sale will resume.
  7. We reserve the right to end the sale at any time, including, but not limited to, operational concerns on the intended installation.



Who is eligible to be a buyer in this sale?

All U.S. cotton gins who are currently considered customers by Samuel Jackson are invited to participate. If you do not operate a cotton gin and are interested, please contact us to determine eligibility.

Do I have to register for the sale?


Can I sign up to receive updates?

Yes. Send your name and contact information to and we will put you on the e-mail list for any pricing updates or sale information that we send out.

Can I speak with someone with questions about the heater?

Yes. Call Neil Turner at 214-695-0158 with any questions that you have.

Is there a “buy it now” price?

No. However if you would like to make an offer on the heater as part of a bigger equipment purchase, we would be happy to discuss that with you.

How much will the price be decreased each day?

It will vary, but usually the price will be reduced by $100 to $500.

What time will the price be changed each day?

That too may vary, but we will attempt to make changes most days at noon central time.

Is there a warranty?

There is a 30-day warranty on defective parts. No labor included.


Heater Details

Model:                                                HG-8-1208

Temperature Controls:         UDC controls, compatible for use with a 4-20 mA signal from a Moisture Mirror or similar moisture controls.

PLC:                                        The PLC is made by Koyo and is still currently being produced.

Includes:                                Control cabinet and heater body

Does not include:                  Screen stand, control transformer (needed for non-U.S. gins) ,start-up or shipping (all of which are available at additional cost)

Notes:                                     The heater control cabinet will be tested and operated on our factory test stand to ensure that it is fully operational.

 Conversion to a 4-million BTU/hr control cabinet is available if needed for an additional charge of $2,965. This conversion would include a used 4-million BTU/hr heater body.


For Additional Questions or Information

Please contact Neil Turner at 214-695-0158 or at