TexMax 2 for Modules

Our first recommendation for an incoming moisture sensor is a resistance sensor close to the pick-up point, such as a Sled 2, a Universal Sensor in a feed control bin or a Hot Box sensor. These sensors are fast-responding and when paired with a Moisture Mirror, they are capable of reporting the highest moisture cotton passing across it. That makes them ideal for providing you with the incoming moisture signal you need for great automatic heater temperature control. If you can only have one moisture sensor, one of our resistance sensors is the way to go.

But Moisture Mirror 4X users aren’t limited to one incoming moisture input - they can have two!

The TexMax 2 Module Moisture sensor is ideal for making the most out of an additional incoming moisture input. The TexMax is mounted on the module feeder, where it scans through the middle of the module giving advanced notice of changes in module moisture. This means your ginner and your Mirror 4X can not only see the moisture of the cotton currently being fed into the gin, but also what is about to enter the gin, as well.

Using these two sensor types in tandem allows you the advanced notice provided by the TexMax, while avoiding the shortcomings associated with microwave sensing at the module feeder. See the Mirror 4X section of the Control Catalog above for more details on using a secondary incoming moisture input.