TexMax 2 Bale Moisture Sensor

P1000240 copy.png

The TexMax 2 Microwave Bale Moisture Sensor is the most repeatable online bale moisture sensor available in the cotton industry today. Using Vomax Technology, the TexMax 2 scans every bale thousands of times and provides a single average moisture percentage output. 

The TexMax is a stand-alone product, but is usually connected to a Moisture Mirror which enables several other valuable features. Depending on the Mirror model, bale moisture data can be simply displayed on the your Mirror, recorded on SD Card or online database or even transmitted to your iPhone!

In addition to monitoring, the TexMax 2 is often used to automatically adjust Humidaire Unit output. The Tex-Max sends the moisture value to the Mirror and the Mirror adjusts the moist air output based on an operator-defined target bale moisture. This feature is available on all Moisture Mirror models, but does require compatible moisture unit controls. 

Important Note: A TexMax cannot protect you against problems from bales that have been subjected to water spray systems. Because water spray systems apply moisture unevenly, extreme wet spots can and do exist within a bale that has an average moisture of less than 7.5%. Problems from these wet spots can arise before the moisture can equilibrate throughout the bale.