Steamroller ROI Calculator

Electric Cost $ /kWh
Fuel Cost $ /
Bales Ginned/Season   Bales
Bales/Hour   BPH
Expected BPH Increase   BPH
Broken Ties/Season   ties
Bale Size   lbs
Current Moisture Content   %
New Moisture Content   %
Repair Cost for a Broken Tie    $ /Bale
8-tie to 6-tie Savings $ /Bale
Cotton Value $ /lb
Ginning Charges $ /lb of lint
Press Maintenance/Season $
Show Time And Bales Benefit
        Moist Air Cost       Gin Benefit       Grower Benefit
Electricity & Fuel   $Calc   $Calc    
Production Savings       $Calc    
Broken Tie Savings       $Calc    
Lint Production Increase       $Calc   -$Calc
6-tie Savings       $Calc    
Weight Regain           $Calc
Maintenance   $Calc   $Calc    
Water Usage   $Calc        
Totals   $Calc   $Calc   $Calc
Total Seasonal Benefit  $total
First Season Benefit with TAB  $total