Steamroller 1 versus Steamroller 2

Sam Jackson manufactures and supports both the Steamroller 1 and 2. Both models share core technologies and offer the same level of efficiency and capability in the amount of moisture they can restore. However, there are some key differences in the two, which have led us to the decision to continue offering both models. This allows users to pick the model that offers them the advantages most important to them. The purpose of this page is to highlight those differences.

The Steamroller 1 was introduced fifteen years ago and since then has conditioned over 80 million bales and improved the performance and life of 90 presses. Advantages of the Steamroller I include:

  • Lower initial investment
  • Better for short lint slides
  • Suitable for a wide range of ginning speeds
  • Can be bypassed
  • Factory refurbished units may be available


SR_I_ shipping.jpg
SR_II_ shipping.jpg

The Steamroller 2 was introduced in 2008 equipped with features compiled from the wish lists of users of the original Steamroller. The result is a more forgiving and easier to maintain design.

  • Reduced cleaning demands
  • More aggressive feeding reduces choke potential from large wads
  • Easier to install
  • Overshot drum provides more surface area for applying moisture
  • Easier to replace flashing
  • Drum wiper brush cleans the drum during operation
  • Handles uneven batt more easily
  • Better choice for gins handling trashier cotton
  • Better suited for higher capacity gins