Sled 2 and Hot Box Sensor


The Sled was developed in the mid-1990's for sensing moisture of seed cotton entering the gin on a conveyor belt. Today, the Sled 2 (left) works faster, is more rugged, and requires less space (only 24") to install. The Sled 2 is a perfect fit for gins that want fast and reliable moisture sensing, but do not have a Samuel Jackson Hot Box. For gins that do have a Hot Box, mounting the incoming moisture sensor on the Hot Box cotton inlet door is the way to go. There is no additional conveyor space required, making moisture sensing possible even in the tightest of spaces. Each of these sensors use resistance technology, which is the fastest available for sensing wet cotton and setting the drying temperature accordingly. Fast response gives the gin operator the margin of comfort needed to operate at lower temperatures. When used with one of the Moisture Mirror products, these sensors save fuel, staple and production downtime.