Seed Plug Sensor



The Seed Moisture Sensor is a very valuable tool when you consider the damage and profit loss caused by wet seed in storage facilities each year. The sensor installs in the access door of a gin's seed plug and the seed moisture is displayed using a Moisture Mirror 3X or 4X. Compatible displays have programmable alarm contacts to divert seed into a separate storage location or alert the ginner when a user-defined high moisture threshold has been exceeded. Like other resistance sensors, the Seed Plug Sensor's reading is reasonably accurate and very repeatable and could save a gin thousands of dollars a year by preventing excessive losses due to wet cotton seed.   

Important Note: The 80400 Seed Moisture Sensor is intended to offer a useful display of cotton seed moisture for a ginner skilled in evaluation and handling of cotton seed. This information is intended to be fast and repeatable, but not always accurate. The seed moisture sensor has been developed using oven moisture tests in an effort to make the measurements as useful as possible for a cotton gin. Many variables may affect accuracy of a resistance moisture sensor like the 80400 when used with cotton seed in a gin. Samuel Jackson recommends operator attention to actual seed conditions at all times and user validation of readings against oven moisture tests if readings appear questionable. Always gin your cotton with wisdom and prudence.