Reflector Moisture Display


The Reflector is used to display the moisture reading from one sensor in your gin. Often coupled with a Sam Jackson Seed Moisture Sensor, the Reflector includes an alarm contact to perform a control action or simply notify the operator when moisture goes above a user-definable threshold. The Reflector graphs moisture readings for the past 24-hours allowing operators to look back at previous moisture data. 

Similar to the rest of the Moisture Mirror product line, the Reflector offers several customizable features including warning and alarm setup, password protection and three choices for home screen views. 

Technical Note: The Moisture Mirror 3X and 4X include an input for seed moisture and do not require the Reflector for seed moisture display.    

The Reflector can offer a useful display of cotton seed moisture for a ginner skilled in evaluation and handling of cotton seed. This information is intended to be fast and repeatable, but not always accurate. Samuel Jackson strongly recommends operator attention to actual seed conditions at all times and user validation of readings against oven moisture tests if readings appear questionable. Always gin your cotton with wisdom and prudence.