Moisture Mirror 2X

The Moisture Mirror 2X is our most popular model because of its functionality and value. It is packed with features, yet remains affordable for any size gin. A few of the most popular features are the Auto-Drying Index, Simple Shed Technology and remote control of 1400/1500/1600 Series products.

Like the Mirror 1, the Mirror 2X automatically adjusts heaters based on incoming moisture, but goes even one step further. The Auto Drying Index lets the ginner set a target after-drying moisture and heater temperatures are fine tuned to maintain the target. This added step to the automatic heater control process makes managing your drying needs even easier.

The Mirror 2 is also the first model to offer Simple Shed Technology. Simple Shed uses the Ethernet communications between the Mirror and Delta Class Heaters to "shed" heaters off when incoming moisture falls below a user-definable moisture threshold. Heaters relight in seconds when moisture goes above the moisture threshold. Simple Shed users commonly report fuel savings of an additional 20-30% over basic automatic temperature control!

Remote control of Ethernet-based products makes the Mirror 2 the central control center for most major moisture variables in the gin. All Sam Jackson 1400 series and later products easily plug into the Mirror 2 with a single Ethernet cable. This makes wiring a snap and frees up lots of console space.