Humidaire Southwest and Sahara


Samuel Jackson engineers set out to design a Humidaire that’s powerful, rugged, fuel-efficient, easy to clean and operator-friendly. You will find all of these attributes and more in the Humidaire Southwest. Introduced in 2004, the Southwest is especially popular in Australia and the Western U.S. where extremely dry conditions demand it. The Southwest disputes all claims against the ability to restore moisture with humid air with its maximum evaporation capacity at over 4 gallons per minute. The impressive output of this unit can be attributed in part to Moisture Tunnel Technology which also improves its fuel-efficiency by 10% versus traditional Humidaires.   

The Southwest comes standard with a 7.5 HP motor and a stainless steel water pump. These components generate robust water pressure with some of the most challenging water sources in the world. The unusual looking device on the right side of the unit is a hydrocyclone water filter. If you’ve got tough water, it can handle it. These features coupled with an almost entirely stainless steel body and touch screen controls make this one amazing Humidaire. If you need references, ask us about the gin that conditioned almost half-a-million bales at 60 bales per hour in the last four years with their Southwest.