Humidaire King Mesa / Sahara Storm


The Humidaire King Mesa and it's oil-fired counterpart the Sahara Storm are a different breed of moist air generator. They can evaporate 75% more moisture using 10% less fuel compared to traditional moist air units. The awesome performance and improved efficiency are by-products of Moisture Tunnel Technology first introduced on the Humidaire Southwest. They use the same "HU-80" design made popular by the now retired Southwest Lite and Sahara Lite Units. The King Mesa and Sahara Storm have a completely new control system making them the fastest and most stable Humidaires to date! We also added several new features including gas and water gauges viewable from the local touch screen, heavy duty purge valves, ultrasonic water meters and more! 

What sets the Humdaire King Mesa and Sahara Storm apart from any other moisture unit is Moisture Direct Technology. Moisture Direct is the most stable and user-friendly Humidaire Operating System ever designed by Samuel Jackson! Set your desired moisture output and the Humidaire quickly takes you there with almost no "overshoot"...a significant problem on some moisture units. Moisture Direct Technology is also a natural match with the improved automatic bale moisture control available on new Mirror X models. 

Humidaire King Mesa Survey Results

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