Hot Box 3

The Hot Box makes belt conveyors the method of choice for picking up cotton at the module feeder. You can watch as seed cotton collides with hot air for a powerful stage of drying, opening and precise green boll and junk removal. The Hot Box also acts as a "bullet proof" front end for the gin. Regardless of what surprises are hidden in a module, they cannot get past the Hot Box unless easily conveyed by air. Also, with no rotating parts, motors or drives to maintain, the Hot Box is basically maintenance-free!

Whether you are contemplating feeding a separator/feed control or a pull-through drying system directly, the Hot Box 3 is a fine choice. The Hot Box is available in two widths, the standard 36" and the larger 48". Another popular option is the cotton inlet door moisture sensor connected to any Moisture Mirror model. The Mirror automatically sets your heater temperatures for fast drying response as cotton conditions change.

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