Oil-fired 1112A 4-Million Btu Heater

The original HO-4-1112 oil-fired heater was first introduced in the mid-1980s. It had several sophisticated features as well as easy-to-use controls. It eventually made way for the 1200 Series heaters with a more sophisticated control system and a different design layout. In light of recent market trends, we have reintroduced the 1112 heater as an option for gins looking for a reliable oil-fired heater at an economical price. Don’t let the term ‘economical’ fool you, this heater has more features than any other
brand of oil-fired heater on the market.     

Some features include:

• Industrial Grade Burner Package with a
20:1 turndown ratio for a wide operating range

• Can be used in a pull-through or push-pull drying system layout

• Flexible control package allows the unit to be controlled from the cabinet or via an optional remote at the console

• Guaranteed Moisture Mirror compatibility for automatic temperature control via analog signals

• Simple test program for easy setup and troubleshooting