Flow Tools

Flow Tools is an innovative product that’s easy to use and understand. The operator simply sets the Flow Tools Set Point Selector on a conventional dial near the touch screen. Flow Tools maintains that setting by combining the information it collects via sensors and the network with the user defined settings that are specific to your gin. 

The result allows for a completely automatic flow control solution for many gin layouts.

Flow Tools even keeps track of the amount of time it is being operated in automatic. This feature helps you (and us) track how well it is performing. Real reports from gins utilizing Flow Tools show run times as high as 99.5%. 

Existing module feeder controls are not altered when integrating Flow Tools. Modifying a system that  works creates unforeseen problems and confuses operators that are comfortable with their existing setup. 

Flow Tools sends a speed signal to the module feeder bed via two wires. Instead of the ginner setting a bed speed with a speed potentiometer or a touchscreen, Flow Tools does it automatically. All existing module feeder functions and features are preserved.

If you want to take the system out of automatic and switch back to manually setting the module feeder bed speed, all it takes is the flip of a switch. But once you see how well Flow Tools keeps your gin fed consistently, expect to be spending almost all of the time in automatic mode and the smiles that go with it.