Conditioning Hoppers


Your Growers deserve Conditioning Hoppers for the best in fiber quality protection! 
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Conditioning Hoppers are available in two styles: Classic-Entry and End-Entry. Alternative styles offer installation flexibility, but neither has been shown to differ in performance. 

On both styles, the moist air enters through two stainless steel valves that stop the flow of humid air when the feeder stops. These valves can also open and close automatically based on incoming moisture when used with a Moisture Mirror. This allows the humid air to be quickly diverted if incoming seed cotton moisture gets too high. 

The humid air fills an internal chamber before passing through the galvanized injection plates and entering the seed cotton. This feature creates uniform moisture distribution along the entire width of the Hopper. The moisturized seed cotton is strengthened, giving it more protection from damage as it enters the gin stand for the rigorous fiber-seed separation process.