Cobalt Heaters

cobalt screen1.jpg
shutter motor.png


Cobalts are like no cotton gin heater you've ever seen! They have new controls new gas train, new shutter design and those are just the obvious things. Afraid of the "newest" technology? Don't be...there will be 60 Cobalt Heaters in operation for the 2019 season!

The most immediate stand-out feature of Cobalt Heaters is Instaflame Technology. Lighting times average between 1-2 seconds! That’s up to 30 times faster than typical gin heaters and twice as fast as our quick lighting Delta Heaters. Not only super-fast lighting, the "0-60" (time from low fire to high fire) is ALSO twice as fast as Deltas making the Cobalt the new bar for lighting and responsiveness. 

Another feature you don't want to overlook are Constant Velocity Shutters. These new shutters are designed to modulate in real-time providing a perfect fuel/air mix for reliable lighting every time. As air flow changes in the gin, the CV Shutters also maintain efficient combustion as evidenced by the cobalt blue flame...where the Heater gets its name.  

Check out the speed and operation of the Constant Velocity Shutters in the short video below. Also find out more information in our Cobalt Catalog Addendum.