choke finder

Are you tired of seeing this?


Choke Finder is the smarter air monitoring system because it points directly to the machine with an air problem that’s about to cause you down-time. It can monitor up to 12 individual machines covering gins large and small. The operator interface is a 12-inch touch screen that makes it easy to see air changes as they happen. The blue bar represents the air pressure across the machine. The bar will increase anytime there is an air pressure change in that machine. Whether a slow change like hairing grids or screens or a really fast change because someone didn’t slow the module feeder on a big module, Choke Finder will show you a problem before you have to find your favorite pipe wrench and cheater pipe!

Suggested machines to monitor include:
- inclined cleaners
- lint cleaners
- mote cleaner
- horizontal cleaners
- overflow separators
- battery condenser
- Fan inlets or outlets
- Other problematic choke points in your gin