Hi, I’m Kristina. If you haven’t met me yet, suffice to say I don’t exactly come from an agricultural background. I spent most of my life in Western Pennsylvania until I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in April and moved to Lubbock for the position as Training Coordinator at Samuel Jackson. 

Even though I got my degree in Linguistics and spent most of my time in college studying foreign languages (Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian, and Chinese), I was excited to learn about all the technical aspects of ginning cotton. 

After pushing through the intensive Cotton Leadership training program taught by Neil Turner all summer, I feel like I finally have a strong grasp on the basics of ginning and moisture control, and am now ready to tackle the more complex nuances of things like drying, moisture restoration, and air measurement. 

My favorite part of training by far has been visiting gins around Lubbock. It’s fascinating to trace the pipes through the gin, look inside the equipment, and see how so many processes are being automated in order to increase efficiency. But what has struck me most from my time in the field is the people that make all this work and their passion for what they do. In such a volatile market that is so dependent on forces of nature outside of our control, it takes incredible strength of character to persevere through the hard times and uphold a high standard of excellence and continual innovation. 

I’m proud to be a part of such a remarkable community of people in the ginning industry. 

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