Air Tools 12

Every Air Tools measurement location requires a pressure port. The static pressure port measures static pressure inside a pipe or duct. Static pressure is especially useful because it is normally very stable and easy to monitor. When there’s a problem, static pressure increases or decreases depending on whether the blockage is upstream or downstream from the port. Seeing this change early allows operators to pause ginning, go straight to the problem, fix it quickly and resume ginning. Air Tools allows ginners to detect small problems before they become large ones, saving costly down time.

The Static Pressure Port is made out of powder-coated cast iron, making it durable and economical. It consists of three pieces and can be quickly installed from the outside of any round pipe or rectangular duct.

Suggested measurement locations include:

- Drying system pipes
- Cyclones
- Lint cleaner duct
- Lint flue
- Before or after inclined cleaners
- Fan inlets or outlets
- Other problematic choke points in your gin